My daily reading

To follow up the last post, I thought I would list just the main sites I go to for my daily reading. (Excluding my RSS feeds, which would be a rather large list that I just don’t feel like formatting at the moment.)

Shouldn’t there be some way for me to export my entire list from Google Reader, then format it in a view friendly manner for others to view? Yes no? Hmm, I need to look into that. During a few minutes of research, I’ve found you can publicly share posts that you think are interesting, so check my Shared Page (link also available in my blog roll section)  on google reader from time to time for Hot stuffs!




Google Personal Page

Google Finance

 Seattle Times

Good stuff.


One Response to My daily reading

  1. The Prez says:

    Ya thats a nice list of websites but I just don’t want to go to sleep right now. Hmm….Try these websites as well next time! 😉

    Summit Post

    Rockclimbing. com (Just the pictures, the site is under new management and they suck.)

    Thailand Climbing at Railay – That should tickle ya.

    Digital Grin Incredible photo’s and some great people. Never a mean thing to say so its a nice change from the rest of the internet.

    Oh well I suppose that should do for now……What do you mean we have different tastes? Ahhhh your just being paranoid.

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