Script signatures

If you view enough of my Javascript, you’ll notice, I like to comment my code a little differently then the other developers at our company.

My main purpose of doing this is to track comments that just I make. I also want to be sure that I did or did not perform any working a certain area. Or to just make comments to myself. I’ve seen comments like, // Edited by Bill Gates 10-20-2003: I fixed a bug here, and yes those serve the same purpose, they are even more descriptive, but they how many of you do that currently? Source control will tell me when a changed occurred and who fixed it, I’m mainly worried about my own train of thought, and notes.

Here are the signatures I use.

//— Generic comments.

//# Todo comments

I don’t have a signature for /* */ style comments, and the Todo comments are for NON crucial todo tasks only. A good old / / TODO: still is king for those.

For those of you with no Imagination, here are some for you guys to pick from.

//> Whats this supposed to do?

//\\ My little house here says, this code rules!

//oo I just infinitely commented my code!

//=D Smile! This code just took a picture of you!

If you adopt a comment signature, post!, share!


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