Blog Moving

March 12, 2007


I’ve moved my blog to a hosted solution with its own domain at

Move your feeds, bookmarks, and attention.


Marketing Thyself

March 7, 2007

I once read about a millionaire that was having a conversation with some of his other rich buddies, and they asked him what he would do if lost all his money. His answer was to hire a personal marketing advisor. His thing was that life is all about marketing, perceptions are king and the world would open up to him once again.

Knowing that, why do I do such a piss poor job at marketing myself? When I read Steve Pavlina’s blog I feel like that guy knows everything, he’s living the sweet life, and somehow owns 32.05% of my soul when he decided to diversify right before the dot com bubble. Why is it, I have the worth Nothing in my blog title? Why do I use a hosted free version of WordPress that is a serious hit on my credibility?

Does anyone care? (The answer is surely no, as people generally don’t care why you do stupid things to oneself.)

Insert philosophical thoughts here.

Now that the bull is out of the way, lets get some upgrades. Scrum style.

Lets do a small sprint product backlog

– New Hosted Blog

– New theme for blog, thats not so common and tacky.

– Rename blog

– Develop a topic for the blog

– Move blog posts to new blog

Good thing thats over, lets get to sprint planning.

New Hosted blog – 8 hours

New Theme – 20 hours

Rename Blog – 2 hours

Develop a topic for the blog – 2 hours

Move old posts to new blog – ?

Lets assume I’m really busy, and have 8 hours available per week, and lets do week sprints.

Committing to a New Hosted blog by next Wednesday and determine how long it will take to move old posts to new blog.

Ready! Break!